"Fostering musicianship four strings at a time."

Welcome to our web site, TenorGuitarGathering.info

Since 1999, when the Tenor Guitar Registry  (TGR) Yahoo chat room was created as a way to bring players of all styles and tunings together, we've witnessed a growing awareness and acceptance of this unusual instrument.  TGR led to TenorGuitar.com, which led to the world's first Gathering of Tenor Guitars in 2010 in Astoria, Oregon, the unofficial "tenor guitar capital of the world", and at the very end of 2012 the Tenor Guitar Foundation was created, as a way to "shore up" all things tenor guitar related, and create a path for what's ahead.

Special thanks to Tom Molyneaux, one of the finest electric rock players I have ever heard, a valued friend, and knowledgeable musical resource, for allowing us to share some information from his comprehensive, long established site TenorGuitar.com, and to Steve Pyott, for his constant, inimitable support from 1999 to the present and into the future, in ways too numerous to mention, with one being his help in making this web site possible.

We are an Oregon non-profit. We are here to keep the dream alive and, thanks to all of you, the dream is alive and well, all tuned up and ready to go. 

Our all volunteer board of directors would love to have you help shape the future of the instrument. We need you!

If you would like to join us on the Tenor Guitar Foundation board of directors, or know someone who would, please contact: hbalmer@comcast.net

Mark Josephs
Tenor Guitar Foundation, Founder