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Thank you for donating to the Tenor Guitar Foundation by purchasing TENOR ELEVEN, 15 songs played exclusively on the tenor guitar, where 100% of the artist royalties are being donated to the TGF. Click on the pic below if you haven't already purchased TENOR ELEVEN.

Album Notes

Produced by Steve Firlotte and Mark Josephs
Engineered and Recorded by Steve Firlotte

  1. Summertime - tenor guitar and harp

  2. Georgia - tenor guitar and harp

  3. Moon River - tenor guitar and harp

  4. Blues In A - tenor guitar and harp

  5. Lost Songs* - tenor guitars, vocal, bass, drums, harp, six string guitar

  6. God Only Knows - two tenor guitars, vocal, harp

  7. 96 Tears - electric tenor guitars, bass, harp, vocal

  8. Little Red Rooster - electric tenor guitars, bass, vocal, harp, six string guitar

  9. Hesitation Blues - tenor guitar, vocal, harp, 6 string guitar

  10. Viper Man* - tenor guitar, ukulele, vocal

  11. Raindrops - four electric tenor guitars, bass, vocal, drums

  12. Love Hurts - two tenor guitars, vocals

  13. Until It's Over*- two tenor guitars, vocal, harp

  14. Tenor Eleven Songs* - four tenor guitars

  15. Over The Rainbow - tenor guitar and harp

* music and lyrics Mark Josephs 

Mark Josephs: electric and acoustic tenor guitars, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas, ukulele, electric bass and vocals.

Special thanks to Don Haynie: bass, Shawn Weingart: drums, on RAINDROPS and LOST SONGS, and Joel Belmin: acoustic six string guitar on HESITATION BLUES.

Cover picture taken by Zack "Jon" Balsley
Cover design by Norris Hall.

In 1970 I became interested in the four string tenor guitar tuned to CGDA. In 1999 I searched the web for information about tenor guitars and started a Yahoo Club and called it "The Tenor Guitar Registry". Members of that group, Tom Molyneaux, Tom Vincent, Steve Pyott, Patrick Reinhart and myself went on to launch a website.

In 2005 I taught a tenor guitar workshop at Boulevard Music in Culver City, California, perhaps the first of its kind. I heard owner, Gary Mandel, say "tenor…ten or eleven…." What a clever title for an album! What a clever title for a song! Thanks to Gary Mandel, this album isn't called, "Mark Josephs Plays The Tenor Guitar, What Do You Think About That?" 

The tenor guitar continues to be a musical oddity. Until 2010, it had no official "gathering" of any kind. I was aware of harmonica festivals, accordion festivals, harp guitar festivals, corn bread festivals….but no tenor guitar festivals. In 2010 I helped organize the world's first "Tenor Guitar Gathering" in Astoria, Oregon. 

The tenor guitar had a "chat room", a web site, a Wikipedia page, a workshop, and a gathering, but here was still one thing missing….an album solely dedicated to the voice of the tenor guitar. I set about to rectify that situation when I started this project over ten years ago. I recorded an album of songs played on the tenor guitar so that people could hear what the instrument is capable of doing on its own. "Over The Rainbow" is one of my favorite selections on the album. It is composed primarily of three note triads played on the highest three strings, except for the middle part of the song, and one chromatic harmonica, a Hohner 64 Chromonica that I bought at a yard sale in 1972 for $5.00 when I was twenty two years old. 

Although I have been playing the six string guitar since I was ten years old, and the harmonica since I was eighteen years old….I have made more friends by my association with the tenor guitar than any other instrument.

I am grateful that by playing the tenor guitar I have gotten to know; Josh Reynolds, Spider Murphy, Marcy Marxer , Cathy Fink, Tim May, Grahame Parker, Mike Soarsey, Michael Robinson, Tom Molyneaux, Steve Pyott, Myshkin, Carl Allen, Bill Murlin, Jason Verlende at Fretboard Magazine, Paul Lestock, Deb and Tammy at the Coffee Girl, Ken Heikkila, Wally Balmer, Robin Hunte of The Merrymen "The Beatles of Barbados", Dick Boak at C.F. Martin Guitars, Bill Styler, Gordon Styler, Heidi Johnson, Joanne Rideout, Tom Hartland, Carol Newman, and all the programmers at radio station KMUN, Lowell "Banana" Levinger, Maestro Alex Gregory, Ron Usher, Randy Weese, Jim Dwyer, Lorell, George Grove, James Lee Stanley, Jim Jones, John August Lee, Franta Javurek of Amistar Guitars, Kurt Schoen, and Debbie Delmore, youngest daughter of Alton Delmore. 

To all those who love and support the tenor guitar, this album is dedicated to you.

Mark Josephs
May 6, 2012

I would especially like to thank Steve Firlotte, who has always encouraged me to record, and who has made recording so gratifying.

100% of the artist royalties go directly to the TENOR GUITAR FOUNDATION

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